List of products by brand Menakao

Menakao are a one of the few producers who make their chocolate entirely at source in the country the cocoa grows – in this case, the island of Madagascar.

Producing chocolate at source and buying beans directly means that they can work directly with the farmers to produce the best possible crop and give farmers a much higher price for their beans than they would otherwise get. Workers at Menakao’s factory & chocolaterie get generous wages, free transport, pensions and security for themselves and their families.

But the best thing about Menakao is simply the way it tastes. Their Madagascan cocoa has a natural fruitiness which shines through in all their products. Whether it be the exciting Combava (a citrus fruit) and pepper bar or the 100% dark chocolate with no sugar, we love the natural fruity notes that are present in all Menakao’s chocolate.