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About Morin

The prestigious Morin family have been making chocolate in France since 1884 and the company is now run by Franck Morin. In 1958 Franck’s grand-father, André, opened a chocolate factory and started to make bars.

Since the beginning, they have been working and growing their ingredients from their own family property, in the heart of the orchards and lavender fields in the village of Donzère, in the South of France. Now, the family farm has been made into a traditional chocolate factory where they grow their own morello cherries, almonds and hazelnuts.

To make this all work, there are just ten employees, four of whom are part of the Morin family. It’s the family atmosphere and love which the business was grown upon.

The bean to bar process

Once the cocoa beans have been harvested, it’s then time to go through the fermenting and drying processes. First, the beans are roasted and passed through the Cocoa Crush Machine on grounds to separate the bean from its skin and ground. The fine cocoa powder obtained is then ‘conched’. Finally, the chocolate is powered into moulds after been melted into a liquid formula. This step involves moulding the chocolate into bars or couverture.

Where do Morin source their beans?

Morin source their cocoa beans from a range of places around the world, including Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, São Tomé and Principé, Madagascar, Venezuela and Jamaica. They even have some bars made out of Burmese beans!

They then roast, ground and conch the beans in their workshop in the Southeastern French town of Donzère. Morin use their experience and expertise to carefully control every stage of production.  What’s more, they grow almonds, hazelnuts and morello cherries in their own orchard to add as inclusions. In addition to chocolate, Morin also make nougat, fruit jellies and pralines.

The special blend of these fruity beans and the careful follow-up of all these steps in order to get the best cocoa, give their chocolate the richness and finesse that has made its extravagant reputation.

Their chocolate combines with products such as almonds, hazelnuts and morello cherries from their own orchards. Their chocolate allows them to develop specialties suitable for seducing the most demanding enthusiasts.

Franck Morin and team have earned a reputation for chocolate-making excellence.