List of products by brand Chocolate Tree

Founders of Chocolate Tree, Alastair & Friederike Gower, started their adventure in 2005 by touring music festivals and selling their chocolates from a hand built solar powered geodesic dome tent!

Working with organic couvertures wasn’t enough for them though, and being adventurous types they decided to start making their own chocolate from bean to bar in 2012, when the UK craft chocolate movement was just beginning to get started.

Chocolate Tree has chosen to work with some excellent premium cacao origins, and are always pioneering new approaches such as their Whisky Nibs bar – made using heirloom cacao nibs infused with an Islay Single Malt!  Chocolate Tree is producing some of the best tasting chocolate we’ve tried recently. One of the things we like most is their commitment to visiting the origins they work with and bringing the story of the farmers to the surface. Beautifully presented in bright unique designs the chocolate looks every bit as good as it tastes.