On this website you can find more than 170 bean-to-bar chocolate bars. And great news are that few brands we distribute in Baltic States and they are available for wholesale. For distribution we offer 5 very interesting chocolate makers: Akesson's, Chocolate Tree, Menakao, Naive and Pump Street.

If you would like to sell chocolate in your gourmet store, tea & coffee store, wine store, flower shop, cafe or even online store - you are welcome.

At the moment you can already see our displays here:

  • Ehe Mood Pood (Telliskivi 60A, Telliskivi Loomalinnak A3) - Menakao & Akesson's
  • Gourmet Coffee Kadriorg (L. Koidula 13A) - Naive & Akesson's
  • Gourmet Coffee City (Pärnu mnt. 15) - Akesson's
  • Gourmet Coffee Ülemiste (Valukoja 10) - Akesson's
  • Café Mademoiselle (Pikk 29) - Naive
  • Café Mademoiselle (Solaris Keskuses) - Akesson's
  • Café Mademoiselle (Stockmann Keskuses) - Naive & Akesson's
  • SIP Pood (Telliskivi 62) - Naive & Akesson's
  • Gelato Ladies (Uus 28/1) - Naive & Akesson's

I believe that your clients will be happy to buy high quality chocolate, that they can't buy in supermarkets.

We can offer you nice looking displays in different sizes for free. It's also possible use your existing shelves.

Write me a note if you are interested, I will be glad to tell you more and bring chocolates to you, so you can make sure that it has not only very nice packaging, but very good taste too.

Felix Karpov